GTA Android Gangster Las Vegas Crime Game 1.3 APK

GTA Android Gangster Las Vegas Crime Game 1.3 APK


Description of Gangster Las Vegas Crime Game

Urban crime is increasing day by day many gangster towns of the city of saints which is full of great gangsters you have never seen before this lal vegas Gangster crime game will give you the real thug life crime and the task of a gangster trying to be the underground don who has no fear and no mercy on city street criminals. Many different cities you will visit at different levels and the to perform the different tasks. You have to perform the task in real San Andreas, Miami crime city, liberty city and the crime lords you will be performed in these cities. Dangerously fun city of sin is available in the crime game.

Shooting up the rival gangs fight with them and show them you have the real power and the crime control training. Stealing cars and clash with the world of theft enter yourself in the gang wars and win the MMA fights to earn the cash and buy some food and the fighting training. Watch the criminals to strike and watch out the police and try to pursuit from a crime scene. Complete the challenges and climb the leaderboards and enter in the casino games challenges. Perform the crime steal the car and defeat the cops this is your expertise how you evade pursuit from the police many crazy vehicles muscle cars you will see and drive in the Vegas city. When you evade from the police control the race car in the grand theft racing games mode.

In this third-person shooting game, you are the most wanted man deal with the drug mafia of the famous gang lord enjoy the FPS action mode in this free mobile game.

Las Vegas Gangster – Crime Game Features:

.Gangster city crime theft auto
.Easy to control
.High-quality graphics
.Real 3D effects
.Multi-level quest
.Powerful music
.Racing with driving skill
.Upgrade your props
.Explore the new city