GTA Android Mad City Stories 2 1.01 APK

GTA Android Mad City Stories 2 1.01 APK


Description of Mad City Stories 2

Mad City Stories 2 Manage your construction corporation in the port city – prove that you are in charge!
The best free games are the motto of the Extereme Games team.
Complete many unique in the story and at the same time, absolutely extreme missions. For a more fun passage, you have the opportunity to ride through the open world on any wheelbarrow or motorcycle you like in the area. If you feel hot in the city, approach the pier, choose a free boat and go ahead – to meet the sea breeze!
The city has several gun shops, one car dealership, and many profitable objects for sale (service stations, banks, clubs, car washes in offline games). To dive into the plot of the game you just need to complete several missions.
A pleasant bonus awaits you in the city, which does not depend on the progress of missions – just drive through the secluded city streets, and you will find half of the military arsenal from the windows of an arms shop – just for free – as a reward for your attention!

Game features:
– Plunge into a realistic storyline that develops throughout the game and even after completing all the main missions, you can arrange your own missions (escape from the cops, escape from a military helicopter, water races).
– Challenge yourself and conquer this online city.
– Be in the game always and everywhere – flexible settings will allow you to enjoy the game even on simple smartphones.
– Do not survive – and conquer all, turn your enemies into good companions.
 РIn some missions to go apply elements of parkour.

In the Mad City line of games, new rules work – rules to get fun at any cost!